LearnSpeed Tutorials

Quick Add

There is a lot of data to capture in the Parent and Student accounts.  You’ll want a very fast way to capture a new Parent/Student relationship with only the most important contact information.  You also want to capture prospects and mark them for future marketing opportunities.  Lastly, you want a way to scheduled a Task if future action is required.  



Parent / Student Accounts

Using the Quick Add is the best way to create new Parents and Student accounts as it’s fast and it automatically creates the relationship.  However, you can add a Parent and Student individually under the People Tab.  This video also explores the available fields and switches in Parent and Student accounts.  



Instructor / Admin Accounts

This video covers the creation of Instructor and Admin Accounts.  It also covers setting up Timesheet pay rates for instructors and admin as well as tutor matching.  



Student Sub Tabs

Creating Work Orders that define instructor work with students.  Associating Session Types with Student accounts to minimize errors when instructors create session logs.  Creation of Prepaid Session Credits.  Effective use of Communication Logs.



Tutor Matching and Scheduling

Matching Tutors with Students.  For In-Home Services, how to use Proximity Searching to find qualified instructors within a given radius of the student address.  How to create SMS and Email Tutor Matching requests.  Scheduling Students.  Schedule Notifications.



Session Logs and Approval

How instructors log sessions.  How administrators approve sessions that drive the integrated payment and timesheet functions.  



Payment Processing

Comprehensive review of the Integrated Payment Processing system.  Covers Pre-payment, Post-payment, and Pay-as-you-go options.  Touches on QuickBooks WebConnect which automatically syncs new customers, invoices, and payments between LearnSpeed and QuickBooks!



Admin Email

How to customize System Email Templates and Email Footers.  



Admin Customization

Overview of Admin Customization of labels, ratings, Session Types, Subjects, etc…



Admin Timesheet Types

How to create default Timesheet Types.  How to setup Timesheets so they are automatically added to new Instructor and Admin accounts.