LearnSpeed Features

Billing & Payroll

Flexible Invoicing

With invoices that integrate into all our billing pipelines, you can spend less time and energy doing billing and more time growing your business.

  • Generate, send, and take payment against invoices
  • Invoice for sessions after they’ve been approved
  • Invoice for products, like books or registration fees
  • Invoice for pre-paid credits before sessions occur
  • Bulk invoice for all outstanding approved sessions
  • Fully customizable invoice email template

Integrated Payment Processing

With LearnSpeed Payments, it’s never been easier to get paid for your services. Stop worrying about unpaid invoices, and start getting paid with easy one-click processing.

  • Add a credit card or bank account on file for each parent
  • Use the on-file payment method to pay for any invoice
  • One-click single or bulk payment processing
  • One-click credit card refunds with no fees
  • Automatic payment receipts via email

Supported payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, ACH

Accounting Tools

LearnSpeed provides quick access to some accounting features, and easily integrates with Quickbooks to save you time in your bookkeeping.

  • Client registers gather all invoice and payment data per client
  • Client statements can be emailed or printed, with balance forward and balance owed
  • Sync data to Quickbooks using Quickbooks Web Connector (Quickbooks for Windows only)
  • Customizable Quickbooks items, accounts, and income classes for a variety of records

Billing Emails

You’re in full control of how you communicate with your parents as you run billing.

  • Email itemized invoices to your parents
  • Bulk email all outstanding invoices
  • Automatic itemized payment receipts (for integrated payments only)
  • Generate and email statements to your clients
  • Fully customizable templates for invoices and payment receipts

Staff Timesheets

Easily track paid time for your instructors and administrators, cuting your time spent on payroll by as much as 80%.

  • Unlimited standardized pay rates
  • Automatic timesheet generation for all sessions
  • Easy manual timesheets for non-session paid time
  • Override pay rates per instructor for easy pay raises
  • Automatically or manually approve timesheets
  • Over a dozen payroll reports

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