LearnSpeed Features

User Accounts

All User Accounts

All user accounts in LearnSpeed have the following features:

  • Full contact information: email, phone, home and billing addresses
  • Usertags for labeling and filtering groups of accounts
  • Tasks associated with the account
  • A personal calendar with all their events
  • Communication logs to document and track communication with the user
  • Once activated, all users (even students and parents) can login to customize their account preferences

User Account Management

LearnSpeed is built from the ground up to streamline your ability to manage everyone in your business.

  • Easily archive accounts, hiding them from your day-to-day work
  • Find accounts easily with smart search: search using any information on the account
  • Filter your users in reports and lists
  • Import your user data via spreadsheet
  • Export your user data for use in third-party marketing apps
  • Connect accounts to multiple learning centers within your center group
  • Customize the labels for all your user roles

Student Accounts

  • Student-specific information like emergency contact, school, graduation year, and more
  • Work orders to capture academic information during your intake
  • Session rate overrides to customize the price of sessions for each student
  • Restrict session types to ensure the right billing rate is selected for the student
  • Attach documents to store parent contracts or billing agreements
  • Up to 10 customizable fields so you can store the data you need on your student accounts
  • Full support for self-paying students

Parent Accounts

  • Referral tracking using customizable referral sources
  • Session rate overrides per session type, or as a flat percent discount
  • Store a credit card or bank account on file for easy payment processing
  • Alternative name to store spouse’s name on the same account
  • Automatic billing customization for each client
  • Client register with a full history of all invoices and payments

Instructor Accounts

  • Control instructor permissions: block student/parent contact information, limit view to only connected students, control calendar permissions, and more
  • Instructor profiles that can include capabilities and qualifications
  • Match instructors with students with postal code search, gender filtering, and subject filtering by usertag
  • Set instructor availability for scheduling sessions
  • Customize pay rates for each instructor
  • Restrict session types the instructor can use

Administrator Accounts

There are 2 tiers of administrator so you can have control over who can interact with your learning center’s finances.

  • Center Administrators have access to all account features, scheduling, and session approval. No access to purchases, invoices, payments, or financial reports.
  • Group Administrators have access to all features, including financial data. They can generate purchases, invoices, and payments, and have access to financial reports.

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